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Great Ideas for Small Craft Projects Made by Springdale Woodworking

Springdale Woodworking offers a multitude of products to the consumer. We have a wonderful selection of books to guide you through the process of creating those special pieces of furniture. Whether you are building a chair or a table, shelving, or bookcase, we have all of the materials you need. You can also purchase plans that will help you achieve the look you desire by combining pre-existing pieces.


Among the wide range of products available from Springdale woodworking is the Bistro Table. Bistro tables are small tables that can easily be incorporated into an existing room or a new living space because of their small size. With their simple lines and light, sanded wood, they are ideal for both elegant and casual settings. For this project, you will need a dining room table and chairs in a standard size, some extra wood scraps, cedar shavings, floral wire, and a few screws.



You can find many different styles of Springdale Woodworking plan that will show you step by step how to construct this project and more. If you would prefer a more permanent structure, you might consider the Bistro Bench. A Bistro Bench is much like a rustic coffee table, except it comes with a benchtop. These benches are perfect for a small-to-medium-sized family because they take up minimal floor space and yet provide ample seating for friends and family.


The best way to build a Bistro Bench is to build one out of reclaimed oak or pale maple, then add accessories such as stone etchings, decorative metal pegs, or parquet flooring. The secret is to blend the style and character of this piece with functionality and longevity.


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